some of the things I liked in germany

I was suprised that I liked Germany so much. Barvaria is really pretty.

This is the river in one of the towns I stayed in for the night. There was fresh homemade bread and jam for breakfast in the morning at the guesthouse I stayed at.


This is a tributary stream that runs into the Danube. The water here was oddly blue.



This in another tributary stream where I went swimming. The water was very clear and really really cold.


This duck was swimming there, too.


This is the bike path. The track was very good in Germany.


This is some Barvarian town I’ve forgotten the name of.


There are a lot of churches in Barvaria.


The nice thing about riding a bike is you can hear the bells ringing – church bells and cow bells ringing and birds singing.

I met a guy I liked and we cycled together for a few days. I asked him to teach me some German but I wasn’t a very good student. The phrase I remember is “Ich liebe Wasser.” It means “I like water.” He tried to teach me a complicated sentence about needing to go to the toilet in a maize field and some practical things around the subject of food but the only thing that stuck was “Ich liebe Wasser.” He also taught me it is a good idea to have a tent.

I liked the food in Barvaria, too. I ate wild boar one night and dumplings and cakes that reminded me of my Nanna. I ate bread and cheese by the river and realised how easy it is to be happy.