I stayed in Budapest for ten days. I had to write a university assignment while I was there. The university assignment was why I was carrying text books and a laptop in my bicycle panniers.

I liked Budapest. I stayed in a really nice apartment there. It was great to have a nice place to stay after spending a couple of weeks camping out with my bike. I’d never met the guy who’s apartment it was before but he just gave me the keys to his place and said the apartment was mine. I think that was pretty generous.

This is the kitchen in the apartment.



Budapest has great thermal baths. Going to the baths was my favourite thing to do in Budapest but I also walked around a lot and looked at different stuff. The buildings in Budapest are quite impressive. This is Parliament House. It is really famous.


Even the train stations in Budapest are impressive. This one was designed by Monsieur Eiffel himself.



But I particularly liked this view of Budapest.