an evening in croatia

I like Croatia. As soon as I crossed the border from Hungary the sun seemed a little warmer and the air smelt different. Suddenly signs indicating the Danube cycle path reappeared. The river was beautiful and I rode past a National Park with extensive wetlands. There were a lot of birds. I thought that maybe I should come back some other time with a boat.


A guy in a red van stopped as I was riding along the road and asked me where I was going to sleep. He invited me to stay the night at his house with his family. He drew me a map and then got back in his van and drove off.


He came back later on his bicycle to meet me and show me the way.

When we got to his house he cooked sausages and eggs for me and I ate them with his son. Then we went out for a tour of the town and an icecream.

I didn’t learn any Croatian at all. The only language related fact I gained was that Ċ½eljko is a common Croatian name meaning: wish – a longed for wish. I think that’s beautiful. I’d have been happy if my parents had called me that.

People in Croatia are very nice. What more can I say?